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CHEMICALIZE WITH - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】


Lilly's "CHEMICALIZE WITH", produced by PHOTOPRI, will be held from February 4th to 28th.
Please come and visit us 🙌

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 Instagram account: photograph/

Comments from the author👇

 Being at the cutting edge of the times, we are constantly creating new concepts that transcend the boundaries of people, things, and values.

 Tokyo is home to a chaotic culture.

 Taking a step back from the cutting edge of the times and valuing connections between people,

 Shonan is a city where a slow lifestyle and culture that is in harmony with nature grows.

 While these two places are places where many cultures are always growing,

 A contradictory culture of "chaos" and "harmony" grows.
From these contradictory cultures, various products such as new art, services, and products are created.

 People's sensibilities and worldviews are derived from places where various cultures come together, mix, and are born.

 By combining products born from the cultures of two places that never mix,

 What happens if a chemical reaction occurs?

 In February 2023, a session with a photographer from Shonan will begin in a certain corner of Tokyo.

 A creative chemical reaction is created between the carefully selected space created in Tokyo and the work of a photographer from Shonan.

 Through chaotic yet harmonious PHOTO EXHIBITION, we derive people's sensibilities and worldviews.


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PHOTOPRI, a large-format print service with photo exhibition quality, supports prints up to B0 size, and our professional staff, including myself, use skilled color matching to create high-definition and beautiful photographs, illustrations, and paintings. .

The A1 size is about 3,800 yen, which is reasonable despite the quality, so please consider it!

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