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Exhibition/event notification form

"PHOTOPRI" provides "notification assistance" for users as part of a project to support artists, including photographers and illustrators.

If you are planning to hold an exhibition or art exhibition using "PHOTOPRI", please let us know by filling out the necessary information in the form below.

We will do our best to help with the announcement on the "PHOTOPRI" SNS account.

[Please copy and send the following required information]

--Notification content (The content entered here will be used for the announcement)--

Official name of the event:

Event period:

Event URL:

Name of person to introduce (handle name is also acceptable):

Announcement content (changed based on character limit and the nature of PHOTOPRI's SNS account):

-If there are any accounts that can be tagged for each SNS-

Twitter account:

Instagram account:

Facebook account:

* Fields in bold are required.

*If we determine that the content you have provided is inappropriate, we will refrain from making an announcement.

* We will not mention or tag private or key SNS accounts.

*If you have specified a posting hashtag, please enter it at the bottom of the announcement.

*Please send images for announcements via GigaFile , etc.

*After submitting the form, we will post the announcement as soon as it is ready (about a week).

(We will not contact you in advance.)