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"PHOTOPRI" is a business created with the purpose of sharing the joy of "printing" with everyone through photos, illustrations, etc.

Although the camera market, which has been developed at a rapid pace, is shrinking due to improvements in smartphone camera technology, the act of ``taking photos'' itself is still active every day.

With the number of people holding solo exhibitions increasing, we have continued to support our customers for 15 years since starting a large-format printing business for photo exhibitions, art exhibitions, and contests.

We live in an era where AI is gradually becoming widespread, and while there are great expectations for its future development, it is also true that unfortunately many companies are forced to close down due to the influence of the times. is. As many of you may know, the company survival rate is up to 41.8% in 10 years (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP, 2020).

In these times, our printing business has been able to reach its 15th anniversary thanks to all of you who have supported us up until now . PHOTOPRI and other related services will continue to work together with our customers to provide even better services as the times change as we aim to reach the milestone of 20 years.

Strengths of "PHOTOPRI"

Print in wide color gamut RGB

Print in wide color gamut RGB

It supports printing in sRGB , which is the color mode of digital cameras, and Adobe RGB .

Since CMYK conversion is not required, it is easier to reproduce the colors as they were taken .

Ultra high-definition printing of "2880 x 1440 dpi"

Ultra high-definition printing of "2880 x 1440 dpi"

This may be out of the blue, but do you know what printer resolution the printing shop you usually rely on prints at?

"PHOTOPRI" prints at 2880 x 1440 dpi , which is said to be the highest level of large-format printing, achieving delicate and powerful output.

Not only can it be displayed, but it can also be used as an interior decoration for your home.

carefully selected paper

carefully selected paper

There are famous papers from all over the world that everyone in the art industry knows about, such as Hahnemuhle (Germany), Canson (France), and PICTORICO (Japan).

At "PHOTOPRI," we handle representative papers that are loved around the world, and support the creation of our customers' works with ultra-high-definition printing using traditional Japanese paper, genuine EPSON photo paper, and ink.

Using a printer with a range of expression of 16.77 million colors that cannot be seen by the human eye, we take advantage of the good color adhesion of each paper to express realistic colors that approach the feelings of the viewer. .

*We have a lineup with the same product name as the paper product name that is actually on the market, so if you are confused about paper selection, please try searching for "paper name" .

Additionally, the printing resolution of the printer mentioned earlier is closely related to the paper, and the finish of the work will change dramatically depending on the paper used. This means that you will achieve maximum performance when printing on the highest quality printing paper specified by the manufacturer and at the highest density print setting .

Rest assured, we use our many years of know-how to output settings that are appropriate for each paper.

Achievements of "PHOTOPRI"

Customers who order from "PHOTOPRI" are professionals in the photo industry such as photographers, photographers, and photographers, people who enjoy photography as a hobby, and people who are active in the art industry such as illustrations and designs. The honest feedback we receive from all of our customers encourages us and motivates us every day.

*We would like to introduce some of the feedback from our customers.

Customer feedback 01

Customer feedback 02

About delivery date

The process for ordering with "PHOTOPRI" is as follows.

Order flow

We receive a lot of inquiries from customers regarding data submission, so please take a look at the ``How to Submit Data'' page.

During the data check, if we find any deficiencies or defects in the data or content you submitted, we will notify you by email or phone.

We will ship your order within 3 business days from the time we confirm your payment and submitted data.

For orders of 10 pieces or more, delivery times may be longer, so please contact us for more information.

* We are closed every Sunday and Monday .

About handling paper

We would like to introduce some of the typical papers handled by "PHOTOPRI". For more information on the paper, we will create a separate article, so please take a look there.

[Hahnemuhle] Fine Art Pearl

photo exhibition printing

Click here for world-famous art papers. Fine Art Pearl from the German brand Hahnemuhle series.

All papers in the Hahnemuhle series are thick and firm. Since it is cotton-based, it is suitable for long-term storage. It is also an art paper used in Renaissance paintings and Gudenburg's Bible.

Bright White is a glossy paper that can be used for color printing as well as monochrome printing on a bright white background. This paper has a nice texture and is perfect for photos that aim for detailed expressions and calm finishes .

[EPSON] Professional photo paper thick silk texture

photo exhibition printing

The most popular paper in the professional photo paper series released by EPSON is thick silk paper. Semi-gloss paper has a fine-grained surface finish, giving the paper a three-dimensional feel, making it suitable for portraits.

The human skin expressed on this paper is extremely detailed and has a high degree of realism, giving the work a moist and calming finish .

[Awa Washi] Kozo thick white

photo exhibition printing

Washi is a paper representative of Japan. This paper, also called "Japanese paper," is made using an ancient Japanese manufacturing method. It is attracting attention from overseas as one of Japan's proud traditional crafts.

Awa washi paper originated in Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku and is a type of washi paper that is compatible with inkjet printers. It is often used for professional production because it can achieve high image quality and rich reproducibility .

There are different types of Awa washi paper, and one of the things that makes it so interesting is that each piece has a slightly different expression.

Trial print

Just like when you buy a car, you take it for a test drive, so before you print, we want you to try out the free trial printing and experience the paper for yourself .

You can't really understand the texture, texture, color reproduction, etc. of the paper until you actually hold it in your hands. Even if you try to choose the best one from a large number of papers, it may be difficult. There are many people who don't know which one to choose.

You can print a trial print using your own photo data , so please take advantage of it!

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