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Article: nice to meet you. Yamanote line. exhibition

はじめたしお。山手線です。展 - PHOTOPRI【写真展・矎術展品質のプリントサヌビス】

nice to meet you. Yamanote line. exhibition

"Nice to meet you. It's the Yamanote Line. Exhibition" by Daiki Fukuoka ( @DerreckFukuoka ) will be held from July 11th to 24th.

If you are in the area, please come by!

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Author's comment 👇

When you think of the Yamanote Line, you might think of a train running through a valley between buildings, or wearing green.

However, I don't think there are many people who take a closer look at the Yamanote Line, perhaps because it is too strong as a commuter train.
People who are crazy about the screen at hand, people who are listening to music... This is a photo exhibition that shows another attraction of the Yamanote Line, which is seen as a "means of transportation." Through the photos I took, I would like the Yamanote Line to introduce itself again, saying, "Nice to meet you. This is the Yamanote Line."


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