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Article: [I tried printing] EPSON Professional Photo Paper Attraction of thick slightly glossy paper

【印刷してみた】EPSON プロフェッショナルフォトペーパー厚手微光沢紙の魅力 - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】

[I tried printing] EPSON Professional Photo Paper Attraction of thick slightly glossy paper

EPSON Professional Photo Paper Thick Slight Gloss

"Professional Photo Paper Thick Slightly Glossy" is one of the photo papers called the Profoto series produced by EPSON.

It is a popular series because it is supported by many people involved in photography and provides the results you expect.

Manufacturers sell thick letters and thin letters that can be used depending on the purpose of use , but "PHOTOPRI" offers three carefully selected thick letters.

In this article, we will focus on Profoto Thick Smooth Gloss .

“What are the characteristics of thick and slightly glossy?”

“What kind of photos and illustrations are suitable for?”

I am writing this for those who have similar problems.

<Handling paper>

[EPSON] Selection of Profoto thick and slightly glossy

A calming luster

EPSON carries a wide variety of glossy paper types.

If you have no experience with printing, you might be confused, thinking, "I don't know which paper to choose."

Unless you actually print it out, see it with your eyes, and touch it with your hands, it is difficult to understand its characteristics and impressions.

There are three types of glossy paper: glossy, semi-gloss, and slightly glossy, but slightly glossy has the most subdued gloss .

EPSON Professional Photo Paper Thick Slight Gloss

(↑It's a little hard to see, but can you see the slight reflected light from the top left of the photo?)

There is a popular paper called Profoto Thick Glossy, which is also sold by EPSON, but Profoto Thick Glossy has the least amount of reflection, making it very easy to see your work.

EPSON professional photo paper thick glossy

(↑This is Profoto thick glossy. The shiny reflection is beautiful, but some people may find it flashy.)

It is true that Profoto Thick Gloss has a high adoption rate among the series, and some people think that it is the standard.

However, when you look at the glossiness of Profoto Thick Slightly Glossy Paper, many people may be fascinated by the loosely reflective paper.

Faithful data color reproduction

EPSON Professional Photo Paper Thick Slight Gloss

This can be said to be a major feature of EPSON's photo paper, and when you print it out, you can see that the color reproduction is faithful in both photos and illustrations .

Even when compared with the data, there is no significant change in color tone.

Depending on the paper, the color tone may change, and there may be many people who are not able to get the print results as they imagined, but all of EPSON's glossy papers are able to reproduce accurate colors, and the results are satisfactory. I think it will be.

What kind of photos/illustrations are suitable?

I want to create a sense of calm with glossy paper.

The major features of Profoto Thick Subtle Gloss are its ``calm and moist effect'' and ``slight reflection .''

Normally, if you want to create a ``calm'' look, many people choose matte paper.

However, by choosing Profoto Thick Slight Gloss, you can create works that are easy to see without being too flashy.

EPSON Professional Photo Paper Thick Slight Gloss

Personally, I like this slowly spreading reflection, and would like to use it in photo exhibitions and photo contests someday.

``Easy to see'' is one of the most important factors.

By being ``easy to see,'' the viewer may feel something more concrete, and it may expand their imagination.


Among the Profoto series, thick glossy and thick silky textures are so popular that there are few opportunities to choose them.

I feel like it's such a waste even though it has great potential.

I will continue to spread the word so that more people can know about it. lol

Would you like to try printing a sample of Profoto Thick Gloss?

Just like you take a test drive when you buy a car, we want you to use the trial print service and experience the paper for yourself before printing.

You can't really understand the texture, texture, color reproduction, etc. of a wide variety of papers, such as glossy paper, matte paper, fine art paper, and Japanese paper, until you actually hold the printed material in your hands.

Even if you try to choose the best one from a large number of papers, it may be difficult. There are many people who don't know which one to choose.

You can print a trial print using your own photo data .

We have a trial set that suits your preferences, so please take advantage of it!


Free trial print

PHOTOPRI, a large-format print service with photo exhibition quality, supports prints up to B0 size, and our professional staff, including myself, use skilled color matching to create high-definition and beautiful photographs, illustrations, and paintings. .

The A1 size is about 3,800 yen, which is reasonable despite the quality, so please consider it!

We also offer free trial printing for A5 size prints, so please check the quality first!

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