[I tried printing] The charm of EPSON Velvet Fine Art Paper

[EPSON] Velvet Fine Art Paper
"Photo Paper for Photo Enthusiasts"

The paper that can be described as such is EPSON's Velvet Fine Art Paper.

The matte surface gives a calm impression to the work, and it is strongly supported by those involved in photography.

To be honest, among the matte papers handled by "PHOTOPRI", it is relatively not selected, but if you know more about Velvet Fine Art Paper, I think it will surely lead to adoption.

I would be happy if it could be one of the choices for those who always get lost in choosing paper in the future.

In this article, we will take up Velvet Fine Art Paper ,

"What are the features of Velvet Fine Art Paper?"

“What is the appeal of matte paper?”

"What kind of photos and illustrations are suitable?"

I will write for those who have questions and worries such as.

<Handling paper>

[EPSON] Choosing Velvet Fine Art Paper

Velvet Fine Art Paper (hereinafter referred to as Velvet Fine Art Paper) is one of the papers that you can choose if you have done some printing.

I will introduce it so that even those who are new to printing can easily understand it!

Suitable for long-term storage

First of all, the major feature of the paper is that it uses a neutral base paper that uses 100% cotton fiber .

100% cotton paper minimizes deterioration over time and allows for longer storage .

[EPSON] Velvet Fine Art Paper

In addition, some photo papers have chemicals such as anti-bleeding agents and fluorescent brighteners on the surface.

And they promote the oxidation of the paper fibers, causing the paper to deteriorate and discolor over time.

The fact that such chemicals are not used also plays a role in long-term storage.

The following is a summary of the points to be noted for long-term storage, so please refer to them. (Partially quoted from EPSON HP)

1. Pay attention to storage containers and materials

There are three main methods of storing prints.

They are "albums and files", "frames" and "photo boxes".

For storage in "albums and files", please choose polyester or polypropylene . If it is made of PVC, it seems that it may cause discoloration of the paper.

For "framing," use acid-free book mats, acid-free corners, acid-free tape, and cover with UV-protective acrylic.

The point is that it is "acid-free" .

When storing photos in a photo box, first use a box made of acid-free or neutral paper, and place a neutral paper interleaving paper on top of the printed work to prevent acid deterioration of the print. seems to be preventable.

2. Pay attention to the storage area

When choosing a storage location, the ideal location is one where temperature and humidity changes are minimal . Avoid using near a water source, as the paper will deteriorate more quickly.

Three-dimensional effect with outstanding "highlights"

The second feature of velvet fine art paper is that the highlights stand out .

Works using velvet fine art paper have a clearer highlight than general matte paper.

A clear highlight means that there is contrast and a three- dimensional effect is created in the work .

[EPSON] Velvet Fine Art Paper

For those who are taking pictures, "3D effect" is very important and attractive.

Moreover, velvet fine art paper can be printed with minimal loss of color saturation .

Also, have you ever experienced that after printing (especially on matte paper), the details of the subject were smeared and crushed?

This is especially true when printing on matte paper.

"The vivid eyes of a bird ready to catch its prey."

"The center of a flower where a bee rests for nectar"

Such as, I want you to be sure of the expression of the details, but it doesn't come true.

Velvet Fine Art Paper is a satisfying way to express such dissatisfaction.

Three-dimensional effect expressed by outstanding contrast.

This paper has a nice taste.

What kind of photos/illustrations are suitable?

For works that want depth

Velvet Fine Art Paper is perfect for creating depth .

[EPSON] Velvet Fine Art Paper

The secret is "vivid color expression" , "black tightness" and "surface texture" .

Velvet Fine Art Paper has good color adhesion and is a paper that can be printed vividly.

Speaking of matte paper, there is PX premium matte paper, but when you compare it, the "strength of color" is different.

PX Premium Matte Paper is also attractive for its simple expression, but some people may feel that the colors have faded and the print is dark.

In that respect, Velvet Fine Art Paper guarantees the color of the data and prints it .

It is also attractive that "black tightness" is good.

Because black is strongly expressed, the colored parts stand out, creating a difference in brightness and giving the viewer a sense of depth.

And the best spice is "surface texture" .

[EPSON] Velvet Fine Art Paper

Velvet Fine Art Paper is a textured paper that gives your work a moist finish .

I feel that this gentle expression creates a feeling of atmosphere at the shooting site, and I think that the people who see the work are mesmerized.


I've been talking about it with ease, but I think that the appeal of velvet fine art paper lies in its "ease of use" among matte papers.

As mentioned above, I have no complaints about the "expression of the work".

Whether it's macro shots of creatures and plants, scenic shots from a fun trip, or casual city snaps, I'm confident that Velvet Fine Art Paper will get the job done.

Saturation does not fade, but rather vivid color expression, three-dimensional effect created by paper texture and clear highlights, long-term storage...

Just by using this paper, for example , at a photo exhibition, you can greatly differentiate your work from others .

We hope that you will experience Velvet Fine Art Paper at least once.

[EPSON] Would you like to try printing Velvet Fine Art Paper?

Just like when you buy a car, you should test drive it once. Before printing, we would like you to use the free trial printing and experience the paper with your own eyes .

Glossy paper, matte paper, fine art paper, Japanese paper, and many other types of paper have different textures, textures, colors, and so on.

Even if you try to choose the best one from many papers, I think it will be difficult all of a sudden. A lot of people don't know which one to choose.

You can use your own photo data for trial printing.

We have prepared a trial set according to your preference, so please take advantage of it!

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