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Article: [Recommended paper is this! ] Recommended paper for illustration printing by style

【オススメの用紙はコレ!】イラスト印刷で作風別におすすめしたい用紙 - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】

[Recommended paper is this! ] Recommended paper for illustration printing by style

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

"draw a picture"

Back when analog illustrations were mainstream, there weren't many people drawing digital illustrations on computers or tablets.

In particular, tablets have only been around for the past 10 years, and I think many people who felt the benefits of analogue were reluctant to switch to digital.

Both analog and digital have their merits, and for painters, the preciousness of drawing remains the same no matter what, so I think it's great that people genuinely enjoy drawing. .

Many people have been influenced by them and have discovered the joy of appreciating art. (I am one of them.)

Recently, we have been receiving more and more inquiries from customers who order from "PHOTOPRI" asking, "What paper is suitable for printing illustrations?", so I would like to summarize them in an article.

In this article,

"Are there any papers that are suitable for illustrations or not?"

“What paper is recommended for printing illustrations?”

Please use this as a reference!

Tips for choosing paper.

The following points should be kept in mind when ordering.

1.Where will it be exhibited?

First, is it an indoor exhibition or an outdoor exhibition ?

The impression you receive from an illustration will be different depending on whether you display it in your own room or at an exhibition hall.

Is the lighting at the exhibition venue one light or multiple lights distributed ?

If it is an outdoor exhibition, will it be exposed to direct sunlight, or will it only be exposed to sunlight filtering through the trees, or will it be placed in an underground passageway where there will be no sunlight in the first place?

This is a very important point when choosing paper, as the amount of light can greatly affect the impression given to the viewer.

2.What kind of paper is available?

There are two main types of paper available at ``PHOROPRI''.

Glossy paper and matte paper .

This is a rough explanation, but

Glossy paper has a glossy finish applied to its surface, making it smooth and allowing photos and illustrations to come through clearly, giving it a rather flashy impression .

The outline of the subject or illustration is clearly visible, making the work easy to see.

Matte paper has a surface that has been treated to reduce shine, giving it a rough texture that gives it a rather calm impression .

It's not flashy, but it doesn't tire your eyes and creates a work that you can look at for a long time.

Based on our order statistics, many people choose matte paper to print their illustrations.

Differences in taste and paper.

1.Character illustration

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

[From Twitter (Yukashi @dagasi_yk ). Please refrain from reproducing to other sites without permission ]

It is a representative culture that Japan is proud of, and there are many people who create illustrations by copying or adapting characters that appear in manga, anime, and games.

Pursuing ``what do you want to express about the character?'' while thinking about ``what kind of impression do you want to leave on the viewer?'' such as ``I want an overall rough feel'' or ``I want an impact that catches the eye.'' I think there are many illustrators who do this.

When printing character illustrations, I think it's a good idea to base your paper selection on whether you want the work to have a glossy look .

If you are looking for a glossy look, we recommend glossy paper .

In particular, the paper sold by EPSON called ``Photo Paper Crispia High Gloss'' is popular for both photos and illustrations.

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

(↑Example of Crispia. This is an example of printing a photograph of a person, but please take a look at the glossiness. The beautiful reflections are amazing.)

The reason for this is that even among glossy papers, Crispia stands out due to the whiteness of the paper itself, allowing for clear images and a sense of transparency and luxury .

If you want to bring out the transparency of your character, this is one of the recommended papers.

The most important thing about matte paper is that it gives a calm impression .

If you want a calm expression rather than a glossy one, we recommend matte paper.

When printing character illustrations, I find the rough, or rather plain, feel of a single drawing to be strangely fitting, and I think there are quite a few illustrators who are into that.

In particular , ``PX Premium Matte Paper'' is popular.

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

(↑An example of premium matte paper. It is not glossy, but the rustic colors are irresistible.)

I think premium matte paper is perfect for realizing the artist's desire to cherish the atmosphere of the character and the charm of the work.

<Handling paper>

2.Geometric illustration

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

Next, let's talk about geometric artwork like the one pictured above.

It is an illustration that gives a mathematical impression, expressed with simple things such as straight lines and curves.

For works with this kind of taste, glossy paper is easy to use and popular .

Among them, "Professional Photo Paper Thick Glossy" is recommended.

I believe that illustrations created using simple techniques such as straight lines, curves, and color separation give the work itself a ``simple'' quality. (Of course, there are some people who use simple techniques to create complex impressions.)

Profoto Thick Gloss has no noticeable texture on the surface of the paper, making it possible to faithfully reproduce "simple things simply."

In addition, in terms of color reproducibility (the range of colors that can be reproduced), glossy paper can be said to be higher than matte paper.

In other words, glossy paper feels more vivid when viewed.

However, this does not mean that the colors will be printed with a major change.

Although there are matte papers with high color reproducibility, glossy papers have a narrower range of color change, so they can produce more stable output.

As someone who supports the creation of works, I think it is essential that this kind of geometric-style printing allows for output that has no difference in color between when viewed on a display and when it is actually printed. I am.

<Handling paper>

3. Landscape illustration

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

Finally, here is a landscape illustration.

Landscape illustrations, whether analog or digital, have complex overlapping colors, and I think many people like to appreciate landscape illustrations.

When it comes to tasteful illustrations that depict nature, the impression you want to give to the viewer is often one of simplicity .

In fact, for landscape illustrations like this, there is a tendency for orders to be made on matte paper.

(Of course, to explain it in the photo above, it is not a glittering seaside town, but a house and trees standing on a massive mountain, so I think it would be better to pursue simplicity, but if you are looking for something a little more flashy, you can choose a matte style.) (It might be interesting to use glossy paper instead.)

Among the matte papers, we recommend MC art paper .

Art paper is characterized by its slightly rough surface, which can add a three-dimensional effect to printed materials .

Recommended paper for digital illustration printing

Roughness means that the surface of the paper has unevenness.

The ink is applied to these uneven surfaces, giving it a three-dimensional feel when viewed from a distance.

Art paper can also give a "painterly" impression .

(In terms of ``picture-like'' quality, the same goes for Pictran's official paper, but since it is a high-quality paper, I think it's best to use it when you really need it.)

I think one of the great appeals of art paper is that it can add a painterly element to digitally drawn landscape illustrations, so please give it a try.

<Handling paper>

If you are unsure about printing illustrations, go for the matte type!

Is there a paper that is suitable for printing illustrations and a paper that is not suitable?

This cannot be said in general.

This is because it is better to select different paper types depending on the intended use and printing purpose .

If you display highly glossy paper in a place exposed to sunlight...

I'm sure the reflections are too harsh to appreciate the work.

In that sense, I think that choosing matte paper will lead to a reliable paper selection.

One of the benefits of printing on matte paper is that it is less tiring for the eyes .

Don't you get tired of watching something with strong reflexes for a long time? (What if it's just me...)

Being less tiring to the eyes allows the viewer to stand still in front of the work for a longer period of time.

I think that if people look at the work for a long time, they will be drawn into it even more.

Many illustrators commissioned by "PHOTOPRI" choose matte paper.

I don't know if it will be helpful, but I would be happy if it could be of some help to you.

Would you like to try a trial print?

Just like you take a test drive when you buy a car, we want you to use the trial print service and experience the paper for yourself before printing.

You can't really understand the texture, texture, color reproduction, etc. of a wide variety of papers, such as glossy paper, matte paper, fine art paper, and Japanese paper, until you actually hold the printed material in your hands.

Even if you try to choose the best one from a large number of papers, it may be difficult. There are many people who don't know which one to choose.

You can print a trial print using your own photo data .

We have a trial set that suits your preferences, so please take advantage of it!


Free trial print

PHOTOPRI, a large-format print service with photo exhibition quality, supports prints up to B0 size, and our professional staff, including myself, use skilled color matching to create high-definition and beautiful photographs, illustrations, and paintings. .

The A1 size is about 3,800 yen, which is reasonable despite the quality, so please consider it!

We also offer free trial printing for A5 size prints, so please check the quality first!

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