Difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB

The EPSON SureColor printer used in "PHOTOPRI" supports printing in two types of color modes, normal "sRGB" and "Adobe RGB".

Color difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB

After printing in two color modes with EPSON PX-5002, please scan and compare the images to see the difference in color.

Color difference between sRGB and Adobe RGB

Images used for printing, paper information

Material Dictionary Vol.20 Clusters of flowers and cherry blossoms File type: jpeg
File size: 2950×2094 pixels
Resolution: 350ppi
Color expression: None Paper type: Epson photo paper <glossy>

The yellow part of the flower (especially the donut-shaped part in the center) is refreshing and the green stem is also different. The vague green in the background is also lighter than "sRGB".
Overall, "sRGB" has a strong contrast, and "Adobe RGB" feels clean and natural.

Characteristics of the AdobeRGB color space

RGB color space

The biggest feature of "Adobe RGB" is that compared to sRGB, it has a larger color gamut, such as the area from blue to green (see the graph on the right/reproduced from the EIZO website).

Perhaps for this reason, the yellow and green parts of the sunflower in the above photo seem to be printed in a color gamut that cannot be expressed with sRGB.

Images are not posted here, but the expressions of red flowers and blue skies printed on other prints are also slightly less harsh and give a softer impression. I think the difference will be more pronounced in large format printouts.

The above impressions are my personal impressions, so it may not be what everyone receives, but I feel that it is worth a try.

How to print with this service

If you place an order in the "Adobe RGB" color mode, it will be handled by setting the printer driver.

Precautions when submitting manuscripts

  • Submitted image must be Adobe RGB
  • "Adobe RGB" color mode does not change the price

test print

Just like when you buy a car, you should test drive it once. Before printing, we would like you to use the free trial printing and experience the paper with your own eyes .

Glossy paper, matte paper, fine art paper, Japanese paper, and many other types of paper have different textures, textures, colors, and so on.

Even if you try to choose the best one from many papers, I think it will be difficult all of a sudden. A lot of people don't know which one to choose.

You can use your own photo data for trial printing.

If you have never ordered a large-format print, we also accept orders from one sheet, so please take advantage of it!

test print

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