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marble gallery

Marble Gallery

*Please be sure to check the gallery homepage for the latest information and availability.

gallery name marble gallery
1F Kusama Building, 1-18-5 Kojima, Taito-ku
4 minutes walk from Oedo Line "Shin-Okachimachi Station"
15 minutes walk from Okachimachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line
business hours Weekdays 10:00-20:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-19:00
Closed on Tuesdays

from gallery


We have prepared a luxurious gallery with high ceilings. We have a beauty salon attached, so we can naturally help you attract customers, so please lend us your help.
Works that can be exhibited

Illustrations, paintings, photographs, three-dimensional objects, etc.


Usage fee:

13,200 yen (14,520 including tax)/1 day

75,000 yen (82,500 including tax) / 1 week
140,000 yen (154,000 including tax) / 2 weeks
175,000 yen (192,500 including tax) / 3 weeks
200,000 yen (220,000 including tax) / 4 weeks

cancellation charge:

Cancellation fee 0% 61-80 days in advance
Cancellation fee 20% 31-60 days in advance
Cancellation fee 50% 15-30 days in advance
Cancellation fee 100% 0-14 days before

space size

Please refer to the floor plan.


Glass type display stand white
Size/Specifications 40cm x 40cm x 80cm

For exhibition only, extra-fine pin, insect pin, M pin
Size/Specifications: 0.8×16mm
Number available: 50

Contact the gallery

When contacting us, I would be happy if you could add what you learned from PHOTOPRI !
marble gallery - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】 写真やイラスト・NFTアートの印刷を個展(写真展・美術展)向けにリーズナブルにジクレー印刷をするなら”PHOTOPRI”(フォトプリ)で。写真やイラスト・デジタルアートの印刷を個展・写真展向けにリーズナブルに印刷!8000円以上で送料無料中!PC・スマホどちらでもネットで注文OK!作品レベルの高品質な写真プリント・ジークレ
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We accept large orders

For large orders of 30 pieces or more, we recommend contacting us directly!

Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with estimates and delivery dates!

Please contact us by phone , email or chat!

写真 印刷 プリント


Ultra-high print resolution

Many photos have won prizes in photo contests, and just by placing them in a frame will make your work stand out.

Most of the services that come up when you search for ``cheap online printing'' are for business purposes such as flyers, and the printing resolution is low and the settings are completely unsuitable for making works or photos.

``PHOTOPRI'' is a high-quality giclee print specialized for creating works that is said to be ultra-high definition (2880 x 1440 dpi), so it is perfect when you want to bring out the power and presence of your work.

写真 印刷 PHOTOPRIとは【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】


Long-term preservation of works

Because we use genuine EPSON printers and inks, which are used by famous photographers , we not only ensure the quality of the work, but also the Epson pigment large-format inkjet printer SureColor, which has a reputation for long-life prints with over 30 years of light resistance. We are outputting.

The work can be displayed for a longer period of time without deteriorating even after it has left the artist's hands.

写真 印刷 PHOTOPRIとは【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】


High color reproducibility

Since it uses RGB printing , it is possible to reproduce colors close to those of smartphones and PC displays.

Have you ever tried printing at home or at a convenience store, but the results were rough or didn't come out as you expected?

At "PHOTOPRI", we manually check each item from submission to output settings and packaging.

We may contact you if the resolution and specified size do not match.

We will help you output a work that is as close to the image as possible with "PHOTOPRI" .

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