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Article: A trip to Kyoto

京都ひたひた紀行 - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】

A trip to Kyoto

Tanbon-sama's solo exhibition "Kyoto Hitahita Journey" will be held from April 24th to May 16th.

Author's comment 👇

Usual street corners, well-known landmarks, ordinary scenery.
If you try to submerge the appearance of such a city in water...
In this exhibition, the street corners of Kyoto shimmer with water.

Twitter account: @saku_onono
Instagram account: @00._.00ay

Details 👇

Access <br>Cafe SNC
119 Nushiya-cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Entering the Rokujoin Park swing at Gojo Takakurashita.
Look for the blue fence and the yellow curtain.

Phone: 090-1767-0126
Business hours: 11:30-20:00
Regular holiday: No holidays


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