[Preserved version] A & B size & photo paper size / area / aspect ratio table

I'm Matsumura , the representative of "PHOTOPRI" , a large-format photo exhibition quality printing service.

I am also working as a professional photographer.

This time, we will introduce a list of printing paper sizes (A size / B size / photo paper standard) and a list of areas, aspect ratios, number of pixels, and diagonal lines for each size !

A size list

Now let's start with the A size !

size name Size (mm) Area (cm2) aspect ratio Pixel conversion (350ppi) diagonal
A0 Novi 914×1292mm 11808.9 1:1.414 12594×17803px 1582.61
A0 841×1189mm 9999.5 1:1.414 11588×16383px 1456.37
A1 Novi 610×914mm 5575.4 1:1.498 8405×12594px 1098.86
A1 594×841mm 4995.5 1:1.416 8185×11588px 1029.62
A2 Novi 432×610mm 2635.2 1:1.412 5952×8405px 747.48
A2 420×594mm 2494.8 1:1.414 5787×8185px 727.49
A3 Novi 329×483mm 1589.1 1:1.468 4533×6655px 584.41
A3 297×420mm 1247.4 1:1.414 4092×5787px 514.40
A4 210×297mm 623.7 1:1.414 2893×4092px 363.74
A5 148×210mm 310.8 1:1.419 2039×2893px 256.91
A6 105×148mm 155.4 1:1.41 1446×2039px 181.46
A7 74×105mm 77.7 1:1.419 1019×1446px 128.46
A8 52×74mm 38.5 1:1.423 716×1019px 90.44
A9 37×52mm 19.2 1:1.405 509×716px 63.82
A10 26×37mm 9.6 1:1.423 358×509px 45.22

[Saved version] Click here for a list of sizes, areas, and aspect ratios from A0 Novi to A10

B size list

Next, we will introduce the B size size list !

size name Size (mm) Area (cm2) aspect ratio Pixel conversion (350ppi) diagonal
B0 Novi 1118×1580mm 17664.4 1:1.413 15405×21771px 1935.54
B0 1030×1456mm 14996.8 1:1.414 14192×20062px 1783.49
B1 Novi 790×1118mm 8832.2 1:1.415 10885×15405px 1368.95
B1 728×1030mm 7498.4 1:1.415 10031×14192px 1261.30
B2 515×728mm 3749.2 1:1.414 7096×10031px 891.74
B3 364×515mm 1874.6 1:1.415 5015×7096px 630.65
B4 257×364mm 935.5 1:1.416 3541×5015px 445.58
B5 176×250mm 440.0 1:1.42 2425×3444px 305.74
B6 125×176mm 220.0 1:1.408 1722×2425px 215.87
B7 91×128mm 116.5 1:1.407 1253×1763px 157.05
B8 64×91mm 58.2 1:1.422 881×1253px 111.25
B9 45×64mm 28.8 1:1.422 620×881px 78.24
B10 32×45mm 14.4 1:1.406 440×620px 55.22

[Saved version] Click here for a list of sizes, areas, and aspect ratios from B0 novi to B10

Photo paper standard size list

Finally, here is a list of photo paper standard sizes !

size name Size (mm) Area (cm2) aspect ratio Pixel conversion (350ppi) diagonal
full size 600×900mm 5400.0 1:1.5 8267×12401px 1081.67
Daizenshi 508×610mm 3098.8 1:1.201 7000×8405px 793.83
full page 457×559mm 2554.6 1:1.223 6297×7702px 722.03
cut in half 356×432mm 1537.9 1:1.213 4905×5952px 559.79
Double cut 254×365mm 927.1 1:1.437 3500×5029px 444.68
Quarters 254×305mm 774.7 1:1.201 3500×4202px 396.91
Rokugiri 203×254mm 515.6 1:1.251 2797×3500px 325.15
2L 128×178mm 227.8 1:1.391 1763×2452px 219.24
L. 89×127mm 113.0 1:1.427 1226×1750px 155.08

[Saved version] Click here for a list of sizes, areas, and aspect ratios from full size to L size


This time, we introduced the size, area, aspect ratio, and diagonal of A size (A10 to A0 plus) / B size (B10 to B0 plus) and photo standard (L size to full size) in a list!

Please use it to create data for printing!

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"PHOTOPRI", a large-format print service for photo exhibitions and art exhibitions, supports prints up to B0 plus size, and our professional staff, including myself, will finish your photos, illustrations, and posters with high definition and beauty with skilled color matching. I'm here.

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PHOTOPRI" is a large-format printing service of photo exhibition quality that can handle prints up to B0 size. Our professional staff, including myself, is skilled at color matching to produce beautiful, high-definition prints of your photos, illustrations, and paintings.




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