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Article: [Aim for beautiful printing! ] The difference between rough and blurred print data


[Aim for beautiful printing! ] The difference between rough and blurred print data

I'm Matsumura , the representative of "PHOTOPRI" , a large-format photo exhibition quality printing service.

I am also active as a professional photographer!

This time, I would like to introduce one point for finishing printed matter neatly and on time!

I ordered a print of a photo or illustration.

"It was a blurry finish 😭"
"Even though I set the recommended resolution to 350ppi, I'm still confused..."

Even though it was written that they would contact me if there was a problem with the data😭

PHOTOPRI, why...

It's extremely rare that this happens...

If you understand the difference between rough and blurry images, which are the criteria for judgment, you may be able to prevent troubles!

Difference between image roughness and blur

Data with low resolution (large dots) are regarded as rough data.

Without further ado, I will use images to explain the difference between roughness and blur!

Difference between roughness and blur

This picture is somehow barely manageable

When you zoom in on the blue frame, what kind of difference is there in the rough/bokeh state?

rough things

Difference between roughness and blur

Dots (square objects) that form the image appear to be jagged.

This is a fairly rough state, and the dots per 1mm appear to be large and jagged.

If this dot exceeds 1mm , it is judged that the image is rough and PHOTOPRI will contact you for confirmation before printing.

In some cases, the delivery date may be shifted due to checking whether there is a problem with the customer as it is or whether it is necessary to resubmit the manuscript. .


Difference between roughness and blur

It's blurry and not very detailed, but unlike the previous image, you can't really see the dots.

This is a blurred state.

An image is formed with fine dots.

In PHOTOPRI, such images are judged to be images that have been corrected for roughness by enhancing details, or images that intentionally use bokeh, and are then printed .

Can you tell me what the difference is?


I'll go back to the first question , "Why is PHOTOPRI..." , but if you zoom in on the image and it's jerky, PHOTOPRI will contact you to confirm.

As a guideline, we are asking if the dot is over 1mm or not .

Please understand that we will not contact you if the dots do not exceed 1mm even if you are barely able to do so!

Maximum Free Trial Print

"PHOTOPRI", a large-format photo exhibition-quality print service, supports prints up to B0 plus size, and our professional staff, including myself, use skilled color matching to create high-definition and beautiful photos, illustrations, and posters.

If you are worried about blurry or rough images, we also offer free trial printing up to A4 size, so please check the quality first!

test print

who wrote this article

Yuta Matsumura

Representative of PHOTOPRI

  • Representative of PHOTOPRI
  • Working as a food and portrait photographer
  • The family is in the printing business
  • Active as a shoe designer
  • Also in charge of PHOTOPRI site creation



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