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Article: [I tried printing] The charm of EPSON photo paper Crispia high gloss

【印刷してみた】EPSON 写真用紙クリスピア高光沢の魅力 - PHOTOPRI【写真展・美術展品質のプリントサービス】

[I tried printing] The charm of EPSON photo paper Crispia high gloss

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

Among the photo papers sold by EPSON, the photo paper Crispia High Gloss (hereinafter referred to as Crispia) is the highest quality photo paper .

A great photo that will make everyone nod.

Highly durable and chewy paper.

Its sparkle is stronger and gives a clearer impression than the "Professional Photo Paper Thick Gloss" sold by the same manufacturer.

As "PHOTOPRI" and personally, we have a strong desire for as many people as possible to experience Crispia.

"I want to know about Crispia's characteristics."

"How is it different from other papers?"

“What kind of photos and illustrations are suitable for?”

I am writing this for those who have such concerns or those who are still unable to make the decision to adopt Crispia.

<Handling paper>

Choice of Crispier High Gloss

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

For printing beginners who don't want to make mistakes

We recommend Crispia to those who are new to printing, such as, ``I've never done large-format printing before,'' ``This is my first time ordering from a printing shop,'' or ``It's my first time , but I don't want to make a mistake.'' (The reason will be explained later.)

If you have experience with large-format printing, we expect that you have used Crispia at least once.

In fact, many of the people who order from "PHOTOPRI" become "Crispier regulars" who say, "I use Crispier every time I print."

There are many types of glossy paper, including those produced by domestic manufacturers as well as those made overseas, and it can be really confusing when choosing paper.

For those who are new to printing, it may seem like there are only a few stars, but the first thing I would recommend is Crispia.

paper like a bright mirror

One of the major characteristics of Crispia is its high gloss .

The product name even says "high gloss," so the manufacturer would strongly recommend this.

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

As you can see in the photo above, the surface of photos printed with Crispia is very glossy and highly reflective, and if you are looking for sharpness, there is no one better than this .

The glossy paper sold by EPSON will give you a passing grade no matter what kind of photo you take. In other words, I think this paper was developed to make it possible to create images that people liked , and it was the result of continued corporate efforts. 

However, Crispia is not just a passing score, but rather close to the highest score .

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

Crispia's synonym is "beautiful sparkle."

Some glossy papers can shine to the point of being flashy, and some may even feel vulgar.

Although Crispia is a highly glossy paper, it has a smooth and elegant shine that is not tiring to look at, and in fact creates photographic works that you can look at for a long time .

Although there are many photo papers that can be used for general purposes, Crispia is a unique paper that has an absolute beauty due to its high gloss, so you can clearly see the difference when compared to other papers.

Easy to collect information

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

Crispia is one of the many glossy papers that ranks among the highest in terms of visibility and image quality .

If you search for Crispia on Google , you will find that there are many articles and reviews about Crispia written by professional photographers, photographers, and amateurs who enjoy it as a hobby.

Also, since there are many stores that sell Crispia, it can be seen that many people have come into contact with the paper called Crispia .

And I personally think this point is very important.

Sometimes I come across people who don't like things that "everyone else uses".

For example, in the field of fashion, there are many people who say, ``I enjoy wearing unique fashion so that I don't overlap with others,'' and I think it's easy for you to imagine this.

Of course, in the world of fashion, this is something to be respected, but in the world of prints, the fact that ``everyone is using it'' is an important element.

This is because it is easier to gather information when you are in trouble .

As you gain more experience with printing, you will find things you want to improve or things you are concerned about, such as ``I want to do more of this'' or ``I want to get closer to my ideals.''

If this happens, having someone around you to listen to can be very helpful in solving the problem.

"Isn't Crispia the perfect choice for photos like this?"

"If I choose Crispia in this photo, it might be too flashy."

I think being able to exchange opinions like this is a big step.

EPSON Photo Paper Crispier High Gloss

Also, as a side note, learning about the highest level like Crispia first can save time and money for some people in the long run.

For those who say, ``I don't know which one to choose,'' you can choose Crispia first and, if you are satisfied with the print results, you don't have to try other glossy papers.

Some of the people who order from us say they will only use Crispia for the rest of their lives (lol), so I think that's what makes photo paper so appealing.

For people who are completely hooked on using only Crispia, it may be an advantage to not have to spend money on other paper.

What kind of photos/illustrations are suitable?

When you want to create a special impression

If you look at the photos taken by people who order from Crispia, you will find that the subjects are of a wide variety of genres.

Also, I mostly print ``photos'' and rarely print ``illustrations.'' If you are thinking of printing illustrations, we recommend premium matte paper.

It has received high praise from illustrators, so please consider it!

Click here for the article on premium matte paper

Crispia is a very popular paper for printing event photos such as wedding photos, entrance ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies .

It is often chosen to print photos taken as souvenirs, so we recommend it if you want to give it as a gift on high-quality paper.

We also have a high acceptance rate for exhibitions such as solo exhibitions .

However, as mentioned above, the paper is highly reflective due to its high gloss, so it may not be suitable for display in bright places, so it may be necessary to pay close attention to the lighting at the venue.

Precautions for handling

Crispia has a strong gloss, so any scratches accidentally made on the surface of the printed material will be noticeable due to the reflected light.

Of course, any paper can get scratched, but you need to be especially careful with Crispia paper, so please be careful when removing it from the box.


The photos expressed with Crispia are wonderful and capture the atmosphere of the shooting location .

If you like the glossiness of Crispia and would like to compare other papers, we also recommend [PICTORICO] white film , which has the same glossiness.

Since "PHOTOPRI" does not carry it, I am reluctant to recommend it here, but white film also produces very sharp and detailed expressions, so why not add it as one of your options?

Would you like to try printing a sample of photo paper Crispia High Gloss?

Just like you take a test drive when you buy a car, we want you to use the trial print service and experience the paper for yourself before printing.

You can't really understand the texture, texture, color reproduction, etc. of a wide variety of papers, such as glossy paper, matte paper, fine art paper, and Japanese paper, until you actually hold the printed material in your hands.

Even if you try to choose the best one from a large number of papers, it may be difficult. There are many people who don't know which one to choose.

You can print a trial print using your own photo data .

We have a trial set according to your preference, so please take advantage of it!


Free trial print

PHOTOPRI, a large-format print service with photo exhibition quality, supports prints up to B0 size, and our professional staff, including myself, use skilled color matching to create high-definition and beautiful photographs, illustrations, and paintings. .

The A1 size is about 3,800 yen, which is reasonable despite the quality, so please consider it!

We also offer free trial printing for A5 size prints, so please check the quality first!

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