How to print large format by yourself! Explain the advantages and disadvantages!

I'm Matsumura , the representative of "PHOTOPRI" , a large-format photo exhibition quality printing service.
I am also working as a professional photographer.
This time, we will explain how to print large-format printing by yourself and the advantages and disadvantages !

What is large format printing?

What is large format printing? │How to print large format by yourself! Explain the advantages and disadvantages!

Originally, this genre of printing was widely used in the advertising industry, and printing with a size of A2 (420mm x 594mm) or larger is often called large-format printing.

For details → What is large-format printing?

How to print large format by yourself

Do you have a rough idea of ​​what large format printing is?
Here's how to print.
There are two patterns for self-printing.

  • buy yourself a large format printer
  • Use a self-service large format printing service

I will explain one by one!

buy yourself a large format printer

large format printer

I explained that large-format printing is called A2 size or larger, but manufacturers have released printers for private homes for about 100,000 yen for sizes from A2 to A1.

I will post some links, so please consider if you can come to terms with your budget!

Use a self-service large format printing service

No, it's impossible to pay 100,000 yen for a printer...

If you use a self-service large-format printing service such as Kinko's (, you can print cheaply with a large-format printer!

You can go to the store and operate the printer yourself to print.

It varies depending on the paper, but all services are reasonably priced at around 3000 yen for A1 size!

"PHOTOPRI" , which runs this blog, accepts large-format printing by sending data instead of self-printing.

Advantages of self-printing large format printing

The biggest advantage is that you can print while checking the color by yourself.

If you send it to a printing service, it will take a long time to deliver, and it will take time to re-output when it is different from the image.

By doing large-format printing by yourself, you can output while checking the color tone, and if you make a mistake , you can print again immediately , so you can rest assured when the delivery date is approaching!

Disadvantages of self-printing large format printing

The first disadvantage is that if you are not used to it , you may fold or scratch the printed paper when handling it.

When it comes to large-format printing, I think you can stretch out your hands and end up with a size that you can finally hold at both ends, but if you're not used to it, you'll end up folding the paper right away. .

In the end, you end up having to resubmit it and it costs twice as much .


For those who buy their own printer

→Ink costs increase, so costs increase even after purchase

For those who use the self-service large-format printing service

→Because you are dealing with unfamiliar machines, mistakes in printing settings are inevitable.

Such will be considered.


I've explained how to print large format by yourself, but I don't think it's recommended unless you're used to it.

In particular, self-service large-format printing services are not that different in price compared to online printing, so I think it's better to entrust large-format printing to a reliable professional unless the delivery date is approaching.

If you frequently use large format printing, you may want to consider purchasing your own printer.

However, it tends to be expensive, as you need to purchase 5,000 yen for 9 colors for one ink , so be sure to calculate whether you can make a profit before purchasing! smile

Maximum Free Trial Print

"PHOTOPRI", a large-format print service for photo exhibitions and art exhibitions, supports prints up to B0 plus size, and our professional staff, including myself, will finish your photos, illustrations, and posters with high definition and beauty with skilled color matching. I'm here.

A1 size is about 2500 yen, which is reasonable for the quality, so please consider it!

If it is A4 size, we also do trial printing for free , so please check the quality first!

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who wrote this article

Yuta Matsumura

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  • Representative of PHOTOPRI
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  • The family is in the printing business
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PHOTOPRI" is a large-format printing service of photo exhibition quality that can handle prints up to B0 size. Our professional staff, including myself, is skilled at color matching to produce beautiful, high-definition prints of your photos, illustrations, and paintings.




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