Explain the difference between developing and printing! Which do you recommend?

"Develop" and "Print"

Hello, this is Matsumura, the representative of “PHOTOPRI” who works as a photographer and printer!

This time, I will explain the difference between "development" and "printing".

Both are phrases that you hear when you are doing cameras or dealing with photography, but what is the difference?

“What is development in the first place?”

"What's wrong with printing?"

"Which one should you choose?"

I will answer the voice easily!

At the end, there is also useful information that can be used when "printing", so please read to the end!

What is development?

Even now, I often see and hear the phrase “developing digital camera photos”.

As for what it means, it seems that in many cases, "to print a photograph" is said to be "to develop."

film camera development

Its original roots refer to the work of dipping negatives in chemicals to reveal images in the days of film cameras.

It was meant to be visible with the naked eye.

Revealing an image so that it can be seen by the human eye … Developing …

By the way, it seems that the state of the film that has been shot but the image does not appear is called the latent image.

The image that lurks in the human eye... the latent image...

digital camera development

Developing is not just for film cameras.

Development is actually done when taking pictures with single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless single-lens cameras, and compact digital cameras .


As for where the development is done...

・Press the shutter.

・The image sensor receives light and converts the signal emitted from it into digital data.

・The computer installed in the camera converts the converted digital data into a JPEG image.

→ This is called development in a digital camera.

Adjust the white balance, sharpen details, reduce noise, etc. Image processing is applied, converted to a JPEG image, and saved to a recording medium.

In fact, this process has a lot to do with the unique characteristics of each camera body.

By the way, the data before development is called RAW data, and it is also possible for the camera operator to develop it (RAW development) without processing it on the camera side.

As you can see, Lightroom also clearly states "development".

Difference between printing and developing

What is RAW data?

Many of the photos that arrive at PHOTPPRI must have been processed in RAW by themselves and ordered to be printed.

Software used for RAW development

・Adobe Photoshop
・Adobe Lightroom
・Capture One
・DxO Optics Pro

・Various manufacturer's genuine software

"Development" and "printing" are completely different things

One of the most common misconceptions about the word 'development' is that 'development' is mistaken for 'printing'.
In the film era, when you brought your film to a photo shop, it was developed and printed, so the perception that developing = printing has spread.

Mixed development and printing

In fact, other print services use the phrase development = print...

Development and printing are completely different words, but in modern times they are often used with the same meaning.

Of course, there are print services that actually develop the images, but most of them refer to printing or printing.

Want to print the photos you took?

Our service, "PHOTOPRI", aims at high-quality printing used by solo exhibition artists and professionals in various industries, and supports wide color gamut RGB and Adobe RGB printing.

Even if you do not convert the image to CMYK, if you print in RGB, you can print the original RGB image as it is, saving you the trouble of converting it, and you can print with colors that are not dull.

First of all, there is a free trial print, so if you want to try RGB printing but can't do it at home, please try it.

test print


This time, I explained the difference between developing and printing, which is often confused.

Did you find the information you were looking for?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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