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User Guide

Order flow

1. Add the paper you want to print to your cart and proceed to order.

We have 22 carefully selected types of paper available.

There are famous papers from all over the world that everyone in the art industry knows about, such as Hahnemuhle (Germany), Canson (France), and PICTORICO (Japan).

At "PHOTOPRI," we handle representative papers that are loved around the world, and support the creation of our customers' works with ultra-high-definition printing using traditional Japanese washi paper, genuine EPSON photo paper, and ink.

About test print

For each order, a test print is made for color proofing.
Price: 1,100 yen/1 piece Delivery time: 3 business days

It will be delivered reduced to an A4 size dedicated format using the same paper and print settings as when you ordered the book.
Please note that it will take 3 business days for test prints to be shipped, so please be aware of the final delivery date.
Example of delivery date)
If you are ordering 3 sheets of A3 size and requesting test printing for the main order.

Test (3 business days) + Order progress notification (1 business day) + Final order (3 business days) = 7 business days *The above is an example, and will vary depending on the contents and quantity of the order.

  • If you cancel the order after the test print, you will be charged 100% of the total price of the test print and 50% of the print price of the order as a cancellation fee.
  • If you are concerned about the paper you ordered, we can also provide A4 test prints of other paper (1,100 yen/sheet) by writing in the notes section.
  • If you resubmit the document after a test print and perform another test print, an additional fee of 1,100 yen per page will be charged.
  • If you request PHOTOPRI to correct the color tone after the test print, we will do the color correction for 8,800 yen/data. Click here for details

Points to note before ordering

  • If you would like to have an output preview, there is an option to ``I would like a preview'' when ordering, so please select ``I would like to do so'' before placing your order.
    If you wish, we will send you a preview via email after we have confirmed your submitted data.
    We will proceed after checking the preview and receiving your reply , and we will calculate the standard delivery time (3 business days for printing only, 10-14 business days for printing and framing) from your reply.
  • Even if the size is not listed, we can cut it and deliver it to you! (Please specify in the notes when ordering which size fits your desired size horizontally and vertically)
  • With "borderless" and "borderless" images, the data is enlarged to the size ordered , so there is no need for the customer to edit the image size.
  • "Original size (no enlargement or reduction of data)" is the complete data submission , so please check the details .
  • The margins that can be specified for the top, bottom, left, and right are 4 mm or more , but due to paper feeding issues, the margins may be off by about 1 to 3 mm.

About color correction service

PHOTOPRI provides color correction services for printing.
Price: 8,800 yen/1 data Delivery time: 5 business days

We will perform color correction to suit the paper and size of your order, and once the correction is complete, we will deliver an A4 size test print.
If there are any minor adjustments that need to be made after that, we will make the adjustments again and resend the test print.

  • If a third test print is sent, we will charge 1,100 yen/print.
  • Color correction is performed on each paper, so if you wish to correct the color on multiple papers using the same data, you will be charged 8,800 yen for each paper.
  • If you cancel the order after the color correction is completed, you will be charged 100% of the total amount of color correction and 50% of the printing amount of this order as a cancellation fee.

Proceed to order

2. Please enter shipping information, payment information, etc. and proceed to complete your order.

<About payment methods>
Please check here for more details.

<About payment methods>

We offer the following three types, so please choose one according to your convenience on the payment page.
■Credit card payment■Cash on delivery■Bank transfer

If you choose bank transfer, we will send you another email with a separate payment request.

<About the receipt>

  • Credit card payment → Issued in PDF format. Click here for details
  • Cash on delivery → The cash on delivery receipt issued by the delivery company attached to the invoice will serve as your receipt.
  • Bank transfer → Not issued. We will use the transfer copy issued by your financial institution as your receipt.

*If the receipt amount is "0 yen" due to trial printing etc. , we will not issue a receipt even if you request it.

*If the address on the receipt is different from the delivery address, please specify it in the "Billing Information" .

3.If you have not submitted the data yet, please send us the output data.

We receive a particularly large number of inquiries from customers regarding submission of manuscripts, so please take a look at the ``How to send print data'' page.

4. After confirming the data, we will move on to outputting the data.

Once the payment and data confirmation is complete, we will move on to data output.

*If there is a noticeable change in color, we may contact you.

5.Printing professionals will carefully finish everything from printing to packaging.

Most of the process from printing to packaging is done manually.

Rest assured that we will use our years of know-how to output settings that are appropriate for each paper.

6.We will ship it to you.

The latest delivery date information is updated and announced here .

Delivery time varies depending on the contents of your order.
If you are in a hurry and would like to know the detailed delivery date, please contact us.

Business day

Monday to Saturday (open regardless of holidays) 11:00 to 17:00.

* We are closed every Sunday .

Upon shipping, we will notify you of the tracking number via email.

*Please note that as part of our measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we will shorten our business hours for the time being.

*To prevent infection, please refrain from visiting the office. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

7.Please check the contents upon arrival.

If there are any defects, please contact us and attach a photo showing the condition.

Start with a trial print!

Colors may vary depending on your computer monitor and printer. This is a convenient service for customers who want to check the color in advance.
*Delivery may take longer than usual.
*Some products are not eligible or require a fee.

Click here for trial printing

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