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User Guide

Order flow

1. Put the paper you want to print in the cart and proceed to the order.

We have 16 carefully selected types of paper.

Hahnemuhle (Germany), Canson (France), PICTORICO (Japan), and other famous papers whose existence is known to everyone in the art industry are available from all over the world.

At "PHOTOPRI", we handle representative papers that are loved all over the world, and support the creation of your works with ultra-high-definition printing using traditional Japanese paper, Epson genuine photo paper, and ink.

Precautions before ordering

  • If you would like an output preview, there is an option of "I want a preview" when ordering, so please select "I want" before ordering.
    If you wish, we will send you a preview by e-mail after confirming the submitted data.
    After confirming the preview, we will proceed after receiving your reply .
  • Even sizes not listed can be cut and delivered at our company! (Please specify the desired size in the remarks after ordering with a size that fits both vertically and horizontally)
  • For "Bordered/Borderless", the data is stretched to the size you ordered , so there is no need for you to edit the image size.
  • "Original size (no data expansion/reduction)" is complete data submission , please check the details .
  • The margins that can be specified for top, bottom, left, and right are 4 mm or more , but there may be a shift of 1 to 3 mm due to paper feeding problems.

Proceed to order

2. Please enter the shipping address information, payment information, etc. and proceed to complete the order.

<About payment method>

We have the following 3 types available, so please choose according to your convenience on the payment page ■Credit card payment ■Cash on delivery ■Bank transfer

If you choose bank transfer, we will send you another payment request by email.

<About the receipt>

  • Credit card payment → Issued in PDF format. Click here for details
  • Cash on delivery → The cash on delivery amount receipt issued by the delivery company attached to the invoice slip will be the receipt.
  • Bank transfer → Not issued. The transfer receipt issued by the financial institution will be considered a receipt.

* If the receipt amount is "0 yen" due to trial printing, etc., we will not issue a receipt even if you request it.

*If the address on the receipt is different from the shipping address, please specify it in "Billing Address Information" .

3. Send us the output data.

Since we receive a lot of inquiries from our customers regarding submission of manuscripts, please refer to the "Transmission of print data" page.

4. After confirming the data, we will proceed to the output of the data.

As soon as payment confirmation and data confirmation are completed, we will move to data output.

If there is no problem with payment and data confirmation, we will proceed without contacting you from "PHOTOPRI".

We may contact you if there is an obvious change in color.

5. Printing professionals will carefully finish everything from output to packaging.

From printing to packaging, most of the work is done by hand.

Please be assured that we will output with the settings that match each paper based on our many years of know-how.

6. Shipped from us in 3 business days.

About print delivery time

The latest delivery information will be updated and announced here .

We will usually ship within 3 business days from the time we have confirmed your payment and submitted data.

If you order more than 10 pieces, it may take longer to deliver, so please contact us.

About frame delivery date

*It takes time to deliver because it is made after ordering.

If you are in a hurry and want to know the detailed delivery date, please contact us.

<business days>

Tuesday-Saturday (open regardless of holidays) 11:00-17:00.

* We are closed every Sunday and Monday .

Upon shipment, we will notify you of the tracking number by email.

*Please note that our business hours will be shortened for the time being as part of measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

*Please refrain from visiting the office to prevent infection. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

7. Please check the contents after arrival.

If there are any defects, please contact us after attaching a photo that shows the condition.

Start with a test print!

Colors may differ between computer monitors and printers. This is a convenient service for customers who want to check the color in advance.
*Delivery may take longer than usual.
*Some products are ineligible or charged.

Click here for trial printing

test print