Precautions when creating manuscript data (print data)

Recommended resolution


The data you send is basically converted to 350ppi and output.

The recommended value is 350ppi, but up to about 200ppi is acceptable for large-format images.

If you don't know, send it to us and we will convert the resolution and output it.

If the image size is too small for the print size at the time of conversion, it may be confirmed.

▽ Monochrome

Recommended resolution 600ppi for monochrome documents (grayscale)
1200ppi recommended resolution for black-and-white manuscripts

I am allowed to.

color mode

In order to print with a rich color gamut, we output in sRGB or adobeRGB.

If you don't know the color mode of the data you have, send it to us and we will convert it to the optimum one and output it, but depending on the color profile, it may not be possible.

In that case, we will contact you for consultation.

Please check the file formats that can be output in advance.

Check the file format

Do you have an outline?

If the text is not converted to outlines, the font may be replaced. Please make sure to outline your manuscript before submitting.

→Outlining <in preparation>

Please note broken links

Please follow one of the procedures below to submit your manuscript.
If it is not processed, it will be "broken link" and you will not be able to check the image data in our environment.

  • Embed the image data placed on illustrator / Photoshop in the file
  • Illustrator / Photoshop submission data and image data are submitted together in one folder (same hierarchy)

About compatible applications

[Adobe Illustrator] All versions up to 2020 [Adobe Photoshop] All versions up to CC [PDF] X/1a 2001
[Microsoft Office] Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • When submitting in Office data, please convert it to print data in PDF format before submitting.
    →How to convert office data to PDF <in preparation>

About trial printing

This is a convenient service for checking the finished image for each type of printing paper, and for checking the finish when converting office data.

File formats that can be output

Digital camera photo image

extension .jpg/.jpeg/.tif/.tiff
Output application [~A2] Windows OS output [A2~ (actual size, bordered)] Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat

Digital camera photo image (RAW)

format RAW
Output application Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat
Correspondence digital camera Complies with Adobe Photoshop compatibility
Notes In order to avoid unexpected color difference, please develop the product by yourself as much as possible.


extension .bmp/.png
Output application [Up to A2 size] Windows printing [A2 or larger, actual size, bordered] Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat

Adobe Photoshop

icon photoshop
extension .psd/.eps
Output application Adobe Illustrator
Notes Text should be rasterized
Creative Cloud compatible

Adobe Illustrator

extension .ai/.eps
Output application Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat
Notes Convert text to outlines and embed linked images such as photos. Compatible with Creative Cloud


icon adobe acrobat
extension .pdf
Output application Adobe Acrobat
Notes If you specify "borderless" and the vertical and horizontal ratios do not match, a blank space will appear on one side.


extension .eps
Output application Adobe Illustrator
How to make Inkscape_EPS (pdf)

Microsoft Word/Powerpoint (Win version only)

extension .docx/.pptx
Output application Microsoft Word/Powerpoint
Adobe Acrobat
Notes If you are using a customer-specific font, we recommend that you submit your manuscript in PDF format as much as possible.
If you specify "borderless" and the vertical and horizontal ratios do not match, a blank space will appear on one side.

How to send data

1.Upload at the same time as payment

"Upload data" is available at the top of the "Add to cart" button.
When you press the "Select data" button, the folder inside the terminal will be displayed, so please select the data you want to print.
*Multiple selections are possible.

Select the data and press the "Finish" button to start uploading.
*It may take some time depending on the file size.
After selecting other input items, please select Add to Cart.
*Thumbnails may be displayed depending on the file format.
If you can add it to the cart successfully, the file name will be displayed in the blue frame.
Put all your orders together in the cart, and press the "Proceed to checkout" button at the bottom of the cart to proceed to payment.

2. When using GigaFile flights

gigafile flight

We will explain how to upload and order the submitted data by GigaFile flight (up to 200G per file).

Access to GigaFile flight site

GigaFile URL: Access " " and click "Upload" (drag and drop the file here) to the lower right. Select the location where the submitted data is located from "Select file" and select the file.

If you have multiple data, it is convenient to use ZIP or the like to put them in a folder and put them into one file.

Drag and drop input data

After confirming the file, enter the necessary information and email address and send

Confirm that the file has been correctly selected, insert the necessary information (in the frame below) in the "Memo" field, and send the email address of this service ( info@photopri ) to the text box under " Send upload information by email". .com ) and click the "Send" button on the right.

Necessary items (Please select and copy within the frame)

[Order number]
【mail address】
【Other Remarks】

Draft completed

3.When using the PHOTOPRI dedicated submission form

We will explain how to use the upload form dedicated to this service.

Access the upload form Please access the upload form dedicated to this service and be sure to check the points to note when submitting your manuscript.
  • You can send up to 300MB per submission form.
  • Check here for supported file formats.

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